The Local Marketing Business Ltd.

Based in Swindon - covering the South West and beyond

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The main reason people work with me is so they have someone consistently working on their marketing - someone that can bring some clarity and structure to the process, identify and fix any problems and bring everything together into a considered plan that works for your business, irrespective of your budgets or resource.


It’s also having someone who is accountable for the marketing, someone to actively drive things forward with consistent activity that actually delivers results.

Outsourced Marketing Support - how it works


Key Points:

I don’t charge by the minute, hour or day - we agree on the set of actions for the coming month and then it’s down to me to deliver them, irrespective of how long it may take.  Clearly, the more enhanced levels of support will enable us to look at more each month and get things moving quicker

I offer complete transparency in what I do - I’ll share reports and statistics and give you access to anything that shows our progress, nothing is hidden

We can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly it’s entirely up to you and what is right for your business

I’m available on the phone whenever you need to talk

You’ll get ongoing updates on what I’m working on, we will more likely talk numerous times throughout the working week either by phone or email

I bill per calendar month with the invoice due on the 30th - subject to you being happy with the work carried out that month as per my guarantee.

I don’t make people sign any contracts nor do I impose any notice periods, you work with me for as long as you need to or want to

My breadth of marketing expertise means that I can manage and action most parts of your marketing - it’s like having a fully qualified marketing manager, just not based on site


I treat each client relationship the same, irrespective of what level you choose to engage me on.


I carry out my role as if you employed me directly - I take full responsibility for your marketing (if necessary) and do whatever is necessary to implement a successful marketing plan.


I don’t believe in limiting access to my expertise, or omitting elements of the marketing process based on what level of support you decide to choose.


Nor do I agree with offering elements of my service as benefits or incentives relevant to how much you spend with me.


If it’s important and relevant to your marketing, I’ll include it.


By taking a smaller package it simply means we’ll be taking small steps, the standard and quality of my work are the same for all levels.


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“If, at the end of the month or project you aren’t completely satisfied that you have received value for money for what I’ve provided, then you don’t pay me, and you are the only judge in the matter.”