The Local Marketing Business Ltd.

Based in Swindon - covering the South West and beyond

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Outsourced Marketing Support

Starter Package

Enhanced Support

Full-Time Support

We’ll create your strategy first, then work on the most important elements or those tasks you can’t do yourself.  


We will get the basics in place and start your marketing machine turning.


It’s like having a full-time marketing buddy to keep you on track.

First, we will review the strategy and make any necessary changes.


Once the strategy is in place I will manage the marketing on your behalf, which includes anything necessary to deliver the strategy.


It’s like having a full-time marketing department, just not based on site.

I will help you create, implement and manage the strategy and focus on the most important elements for you.


I can focus on any aspect of your marketing and we can make significant steps towards a marketing strategy that delivers returns.


It’s like having a part-time marketing department.

£145 pcm

£450 pcm

£255 pcm


small independents


those with limited budgets

those who only need limited support

your first step towards a consistent marketing strategy

Ideally suited to:

Ideally suited to:

Ideally suited to:

small to medium-sized local businesses

those who want to take their marketing to the next level

those that need to be doing more or need specialist help with certain marketing tasks that require a deeper focus

here we can develop your strategy into a manageable process that consistently delivers results

those who would benefit from a full-time marketing person, but who aren’t in a position to employ someone full-time

more complex local businesses, perhaps with multiple products or services

those businesses who would like to get on and run their business, safe in the knowledge that the marketing is being taken care of in its entirety

those businesses who are using multiple marketing platforms and need someone to bring everything together, into a cohesive plan and manage it for them




Free up more of your time to work in the business, safe in the knowledge

that someone is working on your business.


I’ll take away the day-to-day management of your marketing and

drive it forward as if it was my own.




Fully Booked

Fully Booked

Fully Booked