The Local Marketing Business Ltd.

Based in Swindon - covering the South West and beyond

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Local Marketing Consultant

Whether you are looking for a bit of advice, need to check you are moving in the right direction or you just need someone to bounce a few ideas off, my marketing consultancy sessions may be just for you.


After an initial chat by phone, we will arrange a time to meet, or if necessary, book in a video call.


Irrespective of how long you book for, I will carry out the necessary research and prepare accordingly, prior to our time together.  


Following our session, I will type up any notes, advice and suggestions and include anything relevant to help you improve your marketing.


As with all of my work, my consultancy sessions are covered by my guarantee.

2 Hours

Half Day

Full Day

In a couple of hours, I can give you some valuable guidance and a few ideas to help put you on the right path.


This is a good starting point for the smaller business or for those who simply need a sounding board for a sensible way forward.


I like to do all of my consultancy sessions face-to-face, however, depending on where you are we can do these 2 hours by video or by phone if necessary.

Spending a full day together could be your best investment all year!


We can cover a great deal more and in a lot more detail to really set you on the path to a successful marketing plan that delivers consistent results.


Once we piece together a sensible plan we can start to address the most important action points whilst I’m with you.


This option would suit the more complex businesses or those with a complex marketing strategy.


These sessions are best carried out away from the day-to-day business.

Half a day is plenty of time to really get under the skin of the marketing.


Together we can identify the problem areas, discuss some practical options moving forward and create a simple, manageable strategy that works for your particular business.


Alternatively, you may have something specific that you need help with, something that requires deeper thought and conversation - it’s up to you.


The sessions are carried out on-site at your premises or at any other suitable location you may wish to meet.









“If, at the end of the month or project you aren’t completely satisfied that you have received value for money for what I’ve provided, then you don’t pay me and you are the only judge in the matter.”