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There is little use in having a great website if no-one can find it – likewise, investing time, resource and money to drive more traffic to a website which isn’t converting enough of the current traffic, is pointless.


The objective of your website is to begin a relationship with prospects and convert them into customers.

If your website isn’t doing this for you then something needs fixing!


We can help turn your website into a tool which adds real value to the bottom line.


First, we’ll help you understand how visitors are using and interacting with your website.  We can drill down into the detail and directly highlight any areas of concern.  Then, we’ll show you how to fix fact we'll fix them for you.


We also design, build and optimise simple, but effective websites.


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Social Media and blogs provide an opportunity to communicate directly with customers and prospects.


Used properly, they provide an open channel of communication that can build relationships with the key stakeholders of the business.


We have an excellent track record of planning, implementing and managing social and blog strategies that work.


Over the years we have used social media to help clients move away from using traditional advertising as the main driving force of their marketing.


Instead, we've used social media and blogs, coupled with email, PR and online marketing to support the sales effort and improve the return from any advertising investment.


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If you haven’t tried email as part of your marketing mix then you could be missing out – and it’s not just for marketing to prospects!


Using email to market and communicate with your existing, loyal customers is equally as important and often over-looked.


Email marketing has evolved to become an integral part of any successful strategy - it shouldn't cost you hundreds of pounds either.


The Local Marketing Business have an excellent track record of delivering email marketing strategies that work.


Our clients don't pay a fee per campaign - our rates are all-inclusive and include any work necessary to get the job done.


We have a vast amount of experience in using Mailchimp although we also use other platforms for clients where necessary.


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Getting to grips with all of the marketing techniques and understanding how they work is one thing.  Piecing them all together into a cohesive, manageable strategy which delivers results is quite another.


It takes experience and a complete understanding of the marketing choices available today.


We understand the principles behind a successful marketing strategy and we can show you how to implement them - irrespective of industry, size or target market.


In fact, we've won 'Best for Marketing Strategy - South West' in the UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2015.


Marketing needn't be complicated or expensive - with the right strategy you can save yourself bags of time, effort and money and still create a sensible strategy which delivers results.


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Quite simply, we can help you take control of your business marketing.


We'll add structure and strategy and implement the main marketing activities necessary to grow your business.


Best of all, we do all of the work for you, leaving you to get on and run your business.


It's like having your very own marketing department.

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